Salt Lamps

The Abundance Bowl Salt Lamps

Spiritual Quest is actually the leading importer and dealer of Himalayan Salt Lamps. "The Abundance Bowl," introduced like a crystal bowl that's been carved from a natural salt "rock" and filled with Himalayan salt crystal stones, is the new product introduced some time ago. This looks like a lovely glowing "bowl of fire" that helped you to feel like you are spending a day at the beach front, calm and tranquil, this salt lamp gains someone by producing negative ions.

Like all Salt Lamps from Spiritual Quest, the abundance bowl assists produce a clean and fresher quality to the air helping reduce airborne polluting of the environment, dust and smoke.

Each Abundance Bowl starts out as a meticulously chosen large natural salt rock. After that each and every "abundance bowl" is carved from the salt rock, shaped and smoothed. The comparison of the natural salt rocks and the bowl's smooth surfaces is quite sensation when thought of aesthetically.

Suitable for your office or home, the light source at the base of the "abundance bowl" penetrates the salt crystal stones from the warm luminescence it was illuminating.

The rock salt which is used to form the "abundance bowl" is from the Himalayan Mountains the same as all other salt lamps of Spiritual Quest. Way back in time, the geological forces that created the Himalayan mountains pressured the present ocean inside the rocks being pushed up by enormous continental shifts. The effect is the natural rock salt, free from pollution, that makes up every single salt lamp item from Spiritual Quest.

Salt lamps varies in dimensions, styles, and colours. Our personal choice is inclined towards those rock crystals which have a medium to deep color in the medium orange, pink and red array. Besides its often imitated Abundance Bowl, Spiritual Quest has a complete collection of lamps from the 50 lb Mountain Salt Lamp right down to one lb Tea Lights. The polished sphere, the pyramid, the natural boulder, the smooth pillar and the Abundance Bowl are some of the well-liked styles of salt lamps.
Many other items from Spiritual Quest comprise a complete series of Himalayan salt skin care products as well as massage stones, Himalayan bath salts, as well as a salt grinder using natural Himalayan salt crystals.

Himalayan Salt Lamps really affect the air around us by giving out negative ions. These negative ions assist fight the adverse effects of the positive ions generated by cars, radios, televisions, computers, tobacco, and a lot of other gizmos of our modern planet.

The modifications that these negative ions create to a person's mental wellness are starting to make experts understand the results. It's no coincidence that clean air and sunshine, in combination with surroundings like the seaside and in the mountains far from huge cities, may have more negative ions. Medical doctors are actually beginning to research the link involving negative ions and relief from melancholy, as negative ions also have an effect on serotonin levels in the human brain.